Please understand me.

My work with feral cats and years spent socializing rescued kittens has enabled me to understand the dynamics of human/feline relationships and to pinpoint possible stress triggers cats may be experiencing. Chronic behavior issues are often alleviated with a multi-faceted approach of relieving stress and creating enrichment opportunities within the home. Humans often attempt to control their cat’s innate behaviors such as scratching and scent marking in order to maintain their home in a certain style but as a member of the family your kitty deserves his own space. This may be a cat condo where he can monitor his surroundings as well as scratch on daily to announce his scent.

I could pee on this...

Naturally no one wants to live with urine marking inside their home. Inappropriate urination is a common and frustrating issue in both multi-cat and single cat households. Changing to open litter boxes or larger boxes, adding boxes in multiple locations, and experimenting with different litters can all be part of a pet parent’s detective work. Of course it is always wise to take your kitty in to his or her veterinarian for an exam and labs to rule out health problems when behavior changes occur, especially litter box issues.


A behavioral consultation usually takes 1-2 hours. At this time I will walk through your home with you to learn the details of your kitty’s daily routines and any changes which may have occurred in the household. Afterward, I am happy to discuss my findings and can also email my ideas and suggestions to you. My suggestions are based on my experience and understanding of our feline friends; I am not affiliated with a veterinarian and have no medical training. (My rates reflect the fact that I am not certified behaviorist.) I strongly suggest that guardians do plenty of research on their own as well as seek a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the protocol dictated by your medical professional. Psychotropic/anti-anxiety medications can be prescribed by your veterinarian but patience is required with all modalities, even pharmaceutical.


Consultation = $35 (per hour)


Diane Venberg


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