Cat Sitting

Dedicated to harmony and happiness in her own multiple feline home, Diane understands your concerns when you leave home for business or pleasure. Allowing kitties to stay in their own home with a familiar routine greatly helps reduce their stress. At the same time, indoor only cats need stimulation and enrichment to prevent boredom and frustration. Playing with kitty's favorite toys and brushing or combing can be relaxing and fun. Perhaps your kitty has a favorite activity such as drinking running water out of the tap or retrieving tinsel puffs? Let us know during the consultation! Any necessary medications or supplements can be given, as well as subcutaneous fluids, at no additional charge. Diane is experienced with senior kitties and providing compassionate hospice care. Interactive visits are approximately one hour at a consistent time each day, or twice a day generally within a 9 AM to 9 PM work day. Rates are per visit.

"Thanks so much for looking after the boys again. They did so beautifully. Perfectly comfortable and relaxed when I got home. Such a relief."

— Adrienne M.

"I couldn't travel without Diane! Diane understands the changing needs of my cat family as they age and knows the best approach with my shy kitties. Diane is professional, reliable and follows instructions to keep my cats routine as similar as it is when I'm home. It eases my mind knowing my cats are provided the best care while I'm away and I simply couldn't leave town without Diane's services."

—Amie R.

"Thanks for taking such good care of Chiba. I'm glad to hear he was eating well -- in fact he seems to be in a better mood and has a better appetite now than before I left, and I can tell he got a good brushing since his fur feels extra soft. My worries that my going on a long trip would be hard on him have been completely allayed. I'm so glad you were available.

—Denise M.

"Thanks for everything! Makes my travels so much less stressful when you visit my little loved ones!

—Jon B.

Services include cleaning cat user areas (especially litter boxes), plants, mail and lights as instructed. Services for chickens, rabbits, fish, small caged animals such as rats or mice, and outdoor/feral cats can also be arranged. Sorry, but at this time overnight care and boarding away from Kitty's home is not available. Transportation to veterinary appointments, and medication and pet supplies pick-up is available at the hourly rate.

Rates: 1-3 cats $37 / 3+ cats and/or other companion animals $40 More



History: Diane previously worked at a non-profit animal welfare organization, lobbying and advocating for animal issues in Washington State. A growing awareness of feral colonies and the trap/neuter/return solution led to her devotion to disadvantaged cats. It's estimated that 60% - 76% of cats who end up in shelters in this country do not make it out; feral, shy and older felines are almost always amongst those "euthanized." Believing that all cats, whether indoor tame kitties or community cats, deserve to be recognized as individuals is a cornerstone of Diane's philosophy. "Humans carry a burden of duty to not only provide care for domestic animals, but to recognize their innate emotional and psychological needs, and appreciate these as part of the relationship when choosing to share one's life with a dog or cat," she comments. KittyStar became a professional endeavor in January 2001. Diane has a BA in society, ethics and human behavior and an MA in cultural studies from the University of Washington Bothell.


KittyStar Services for Cats is licensed and insured in Seattle and the State of Washington and is a member of Pet Sitters International