Assistance with Stray and Abandoned Cats

If you are feeding stray cats in your neighborhood or at your worksite, the kindest action you could take is to have them spayed or neutered. Feral cats may be truly wild if they were born to an abandoned adult and never handled by humans. These cats may never be comfortable around people other than the caretaker who feeds them. Other cats may have at one time been someone's companion and with patience and kindness, be able to trust people once again.

Generally, feral cats that have been altered and have a caretaker that offers nutritious food, clean water, and some type of shelter from the elements live happily outside. It is very rewarding to maintain a colony and slowly build relationships with the individual cats. Kittens can be removed as young as four weeks of age to socialize them and make them domestic companions. Depending on how much human contact older kittens have had, they may be "tamed" enough to become companion animals. Cats from the same litter may all be at different levels of shyness and come around at varying rates. There are many shades of gray!

It is very stressful to relocate adults and unless their lives are in danger, all efforts should be made to accommodate them in their current location. Cats that have been born and reared on a site will maintain that as their "territory" and removing them simply opens the territory up to another opportunistic feral cat. Many people enjoy having a managed colony of feral cats to keep small rodent populations down naturally. KittyStar Services for Cats encourages you to make inquiries and personal visits to potential barn homes or animal sanctuaries yourself if you feel the cats absolutely cannot stay at their location.