If you are Feeding Tame Cats

If the cat you are feeding is a domestic stray and exhibits "normal" domestic behaviors, call your veterinary clinic to see if they have a microchip scanner and would be willing to check for an ID chip. Most clinics will do this at no charge. You can also post a found notice on Craigslist, petfinder.com and pets911.com for free. Post notices in your area but be sure to ask the callers for any identifying marks the cat has. Call surrounding shelters and animal control facilities to list the cat with them in case the guardian contacts them. If no one claims the kitty, he or she may have been abandoned. If you are able, foster the cat in a a spare room or bathroom until a good home can be found. This ensures the cat will not be put to death in a shelter and decreases the chances of existing shelter cats being killed due to space concerns.  Be sure to spay or neuter the cat before adopting him or her out.  Asking an adoption fee will help cover the cost of the surgery and screen people that may not be in a position to financially care for a companion animal.

Formerly feral cats or semi-feral cats often feel very comfortable in the company of other cats and incorporate well into homes with domestic felines. They usually bond deeply with the humans they live with and by adopting a kitty that has limited options compared to socially outgoing cats, you will be rewarded many times over.